25 years of Green Flag

This year it’s the 25th birthday of the Green Flag Award.

Last night, we calibrated our awards, achievements, partnerships, progress, volunteers and most of all our amazing green spaces.
Green flag has always played such a big role in my working life since being in parks. From the early days of learning to write management plans and prepare for judging days, to becoming a judge and learning about other nations parks in the process.
It’s enabled my development.
It’s shared best practice.
It’s pushed me to reach to new heights.
It’s ensured that our parks are kept to the highest standards.
It’s ensured that we strive for difficult things that we really should be doing but are just really hard.
It’s enabled learning and suggestions from others when our sites are judged.
It’s facilitated networking with people and organisations you would never normally meet.
It provides a network of professionals that we can call on for support when needed.
It’s provided opportunities for new friendships.
It’s protected our parks and open spaces.
It’s created community groups where previously there was non.
It’s enabled communities to have a direct influence over the places they live and work.
It’s brought communities and councils together to work on a common goal.
It’s enabled us moments, like last night to come together as like minded people to really appreciate each other, our hard work and contributions and how important our parks and open spaces are to us all.
So a moment to also thank the staff at Green Flag Award who we don’t often see working behind the scenes to bring all this brilliance and innovation together.
Heres to another 25 years of opportunities and absolute brilliance for the future generations.
Phillipa Reece – Green Flag Judge and International Green Flag Judge
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