We manage 27,000 parks across the country and even though the numbers gaining Green Flag Award is increasing, the quality of many is declining. The Parks Agency under the auspices of Stewart Harding and David Lambert always used to have a section under their website titled Crap Parks. We would like to build on this and where we see such misery and mundanity, here is a chance to mock the afflicted. It is not meant to be a criticism of parks management or councils, but to showcase poor practice.

Innovation in playSomeone has really thought about this!!

No goalie needed hereA temporary repair perhaps?

Water is a great safety surfacingWould love to have seen the Risk Assessment for this

Skidmarks or friction burns? You choose!

Out of actionClearly!!

There is a plan under there somewhereMucky pups

What is this? Answers on a postcard please

No entry...ish

Clear interpretation... and it says what?

Is there a band behind this? ... and the band plays on

Neglected and abandoned? Symptomatic of so many sadly

Tired and in need of love... and we know a man who loves bandstands

History abounds...... but neglect has set in

A cracking picture this oneSlip sliding away

In need of a lottery bid... and this upsets our chairperson

Take a break... take a seat

And this is adjacent to a historic park designed by Edward Kemp... he would be turning in his grave

Mind the gap... this is a botch job

Can't miss this oneMaybe because the council in question suddenly went blue!

Welcome to this beautiful parkHave a pleasant visit

Sprung a leak...or a winter drought

High quality play (sic)High quality maintenance (sic)

For your informationand we hope you found it informative

Worthy of its crap status... just crap

Bring a picnicbut not to here