Its all about the money

As our budgets continue to get squeezed it has been devastating news for income targets this year with the significant reductions in income we now get from telecommunication hardware that are in our parks, brought about by the new telecoms act.

 It got me thinking once more about how our natural world and our parks are perceived by others. Undervalued by others. Overlooked and taken for granted by others and it appears so at every turn.
 How much money do telecommunication companies earn? They are cash rich, really rich.
They have taken away a section of this community asset within the park and yet still want to pay as little as possible for that space when in fact, as we continue to destroy and remove our green spaces and natural world it is contributing to the destruction of our climate and the emergency situation we find ourselves in.
 Even when you try to push back regarding the forced reduced rates, the place you end up in, is court.
 How can this be right when we find ourselves in the middle of an ecological collapse?
How has society become so detached that policies actually support the difficult places we find ourselves in.
That morally you should want to support local communities, the parks and green spaces even if that does eat into your massive profit margins.
We are seeing climate emergencies declared all over the place. New targets set by governments all over the world but in practice I see very very little that is actually changing in a positive way on the ground. At the operational end.
Philippa Reece – Adur and Worthing Council