Invest in people, invest in public parks#passionateaboutparks

Several weeks ago, we launched a One Minute Brief that went viral on Twitter with the hashtag #passionateaboutparks. We asked for a number of posters to be designed that highlighted the plight of parks and had over 130 submissions. Here are a few of our favourite ones.

UK investment in public parksinvestment continues to slide

This was possibly our favourite of them all, with funding for parks declining and has done for decades. Investment is needed now.

We are all park keepersJoint responsibility for parks?

Covid-19 has shown how popular parks have been during the pandemic, but we have seen shocking scenes of litter in parks. Surely we all have a joint responsibility for OUR parks.

Does money grow on trees?A perfect tree

If only money grew on trees, we could plant avenues of them and all our problems would flutter away.

Harking back to the Victorian era21st century issues

This sepia print is just lovely but the message is plain to see.

MPs need to be told - #parksmatter Keep up the pressure

Keep off the grass? grass needs maintaining… and it all costs