Conservation and palaeoecology survey

Ben Siggery is a PhD researcher at the University of Surrey, working with Surrey Wildlife Trust. He is reaching out to conservation professionals across the UK to gather on perceptions of palaeoecology and how it could be used to support conservation. He is keen to gather a breadth of opinions, regardless of any prior knowledge or experience of palaeoecology. This is a short online survey that should take you no longer than 10 to 15 minutes.

[Paleoecology is the study of the composition and distribution of past ecosystems and their changes through time on scales of decades to hundreds of millions of years. Paleoecologists derive their inferences mainly from fossil and geological data and have assembled data sets with local to global coverage.]

This project aims to better understand how knowledge from palaeoecology research may help inform the work of conservation professionals. The focus here is very much on the practitioner perspective to better understand the extent of awareness of this kind of research and the gaps or barriers that may exist in using such palaeoecology research in conservation practice. Understanding these aspects will help palaeoecology researchers make their work and its outputs more applicable to and supportive for conservation practice. This is increasingly important given the state of biodiversity and growing challenges for conservation practitioners in the UK.

You can access the survey here:

He would be hugely grateful if you were able to circulate amongst the Parks Management Association members, and if they were able to spare some of their time to complete this survey and help support my research  – please do email me if you have any questions

Ben Siggery BSc(Hons) MSc MCIEEM

GIS, Research and Monitoring Manager, Surrey Wildlife Trust

Space4Nature Doctoral Practitioner, University of Surrey

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