EFRA Committee Inquiry into Urban Green Spaces

Andy Lee from Rotherham MBC an Green Spaces Manager and PMA Board Member writes:-

Regarding the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee inquiry into parks and urban green spaces, I was one of the eleven industry representatives to give evidence. The chair of the enquiry Rt Hon Steve Barclay MP has now written to the Secretary of State for DEFRA with the inquiry findings. Ian Byrne MP, who sits on the cross party EFRA committee, was giving a presentation of the findings at the APSE Parks conference in Manchester yesterday, and I had a discussion with him afterwards, and he let me have a copy of the letter sent by the EFRA committee to the secretary of state, see attached.

I asked if he was happy for me to share the letter and his presentation (when I get it from APSE) with the PMA and he confirmed that was ok. Letter from the enquiry char to the secretary of state attached and presentation to follow.

Please do read the letter attached. It makes an interesting read and we would concur with its findings.

Discussions with colleagues across the sector are not good and we are seeing the continued pressures on those authorities in financial dire straits especially. We have a general election looming so it will be interesting to see what the main political parties stance will be on green infrastructure, parks, as well as the state of local government. EFRA Letter

Thanks Andy

EFRA Letter