Feeding Ducks Initiative

The Feed Ducks Initiative is a new environmental initiative that is quickly gaining widespread praise and attention amongst communities, parks teams and local councils by bringing a sustainable approach to Duck Feeding in public parks.

Some of the biggest issues facing the health of biodiversity in public parks is the ability to manage the level of interaction between the wildlife and the public.

The Feed Ducks Initiative has taken a fresh approach to combating this issue with its sole aim to reduce the amount of bread feeding and overfeeding caused by the public when they feed the ducks. This is done by introducing solar powered duck feed dispensers that dispense small quantities of healthy seed that is suitable for the diet of Ducks and other wildfowl. The community can still benefit from the much loved pastime but can do so in the right way, feeding the right seed and in much smaller quantities. 

The Initiative aims to change public behaviour around Duck Feeding and reinforce the point that bread feeding is bad, overfeeding is bad and if you’re going to feed the animals do so in a sustainable way.

The great news is that it is free to bring to your park and is maintained entirely by them. The Feed Ducks Initiative funds the entire thing from building it through to its regular ongoing maintenance.

The Feeders are built from 100% recycled plastics that recycle the equivalent of 20,000 plastic bottles making it robust to antisocial behaviour,  the device is contactless and powered entirely by solar energy and each dispenser has its very own unique link to a website built specific for each location helping educate the public on the wildlife there and bringing access to nature in a digital way to the youth.

What’s more is the Initiative donates a portion of the proceeds taken for the Duck Feed back to the local community to fund other environmental projects that protect biodiversity in their local parks. 

If you’d like to find out more information then you can visit their website www.feedducks.com   “
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