Our bid to the Tudor Trust - unsuccessful

We recently submitted a bid to the Tudor Trust for funding for the Parks Management Association, primarily for a staff resource. Sadly it was unsuccessful despite being a solid application.

Response below.

Dear Paul

Thank you for the funding request you sent to us on behalf of Parks Management Association.
Your application has been carefully reviewed, and we are sorry to inform you that we are unable to take your request forward for further consideration on this occasion.
Unfortunately, we are unable to fund all the worthwhile applications we receive and the trustees have to be highly selective at an early stage. We are only able to take forward around one in ten of the first-stage proposals we see. In practice this means we turn down many good applications for work that falls within the Trust’s broad guidelines.
Sadly we are unable to provide individual feedback on your proposal or offer any specific advice on fundraising, as we simply do not have the capacity to respond in detail to all the applications we turn down at the first stage.
We understand that this is disappointing news at any time, and that it may come as particularly bad news now, when so many voluntary and community groups are experiencing increased demand while working hard to provide essential support to their communities in the face of all the ongoing uncertainty around Covid-19. However, we hope that it is at least helpful to know the outcome of your application without too much delay.
We are also trying to keep our website as up-to-date as possible with details of other sources of support for voluntary organisations in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Please click the link below to see a list of some of the funding opportunities and advice that have become available so far:

If you would like to re-apply to Tudor in the future, we kindly ask that you wait at least twelve months before doing so. Please also be sure to read the Trust’s most recent funding guidelines, as these do change from time to time. These are available on our website at www.tudortrust.org.uk.
We are sorry we cannot be of more help and wish you well with your fundraising in these very challenging times.
With kind regards