Start with the park: St Cuthbert’s Garden Village Ideas Competition

St Cuthbert’s Garden Village is one of the largest projects of its kind nationally and the largest in the north of England. Emerging from the post-pandemic world, St Cuthbert’s provides a unique opportunity to rethink how we want to live and redefine the garden village concept for the 21st century.

Carlisle City Council in partnership with the Landscape Institute is launching a two-stage design competition to select an outstanding designer or team of designers to prepare design proposals for a multi-modal Greenway and Park to form the centrepiece of a new Garden Village located to the south of Carlisle. The Garden Village will be known as St Cuthbert’s.

This is a project rich with opportunities to explore how landscape and open space can shape the places we want to live. Following a unique ‘Start with the Park’ approach, Carlisle City Council hope to lead the way and are looking for creative designers to work with them on the delivery of innovation in green infrastructure and landscape led masterplanning.


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